Date: 22 to 23/10/2016

Local: São Paulo - SP

Service: Simultaneous translation

MGM was present at the Pixel Show event, Latin America’s biggest event of art and creativity. The event will be held in São Paulo on October 22nd and 23rd, 2016. Since 2005, organized by Zupi, the annual conference confirms our success trajectory. In a lecture circuit that presents cases and portfolios of renowned Brazilian and international artists, the theme of the Pixel Show is Tendências, Inspirações e Economia Criativa. It discusses current themes about contemporary art and the labor market, inspiring and motivating young people and experienced professionals. The PS is one of the best sources of oxygenation for the creatives of the Brazilian market. In the event, it is possible to meet new methods, creative processes, experiences, incredible stories, as well as share ideas with Art Stars and participants from all corners of Brazil, Uruguay, Chile, Argentina, Portugal and so on. Another MGM Successful Event!