MGM, a company of the Riole group, has 25 years of experience in performing Simultaneous Interpretation and Special Sounding events. In all these 25 years, MGM has acquired nationally recognized know-how for holding major events for large organizations such as the UN, IDB and multinationals. With the most complete and qualified technical team of engineers specialized in this area, MGM performs events of the most varied sizes and conditions.

MGM uses equipment developed by Riole, a company that manufactures audio equipment and simultaneous interpretation, and the only one in Brazil to manufacture such equipment in the infrared system for up to 9 channels. The high quality transmission without interference and sound clarity are factors that make these equipment recognized in the domestic market as the best for this purpose. Thus, MGM was able to combine the quality of its equipment with the know-how and experience in big events.


MGM already counts 12,000 Riole brand receivers for leasing in simultaneous interpretation services. Thus, MGM is able to hold major events with the Riole standard. Quality, technology, training and flexibility make MGM the leader in the segment of professional audio equipment rental and simultaneous interpretation.

  • MGM's mission is to improve and allow communication among the participants of the event through state-of-the-art equipment and services in the highest quality standards, striving for excellence in service, meeting the needs of its clients and based on ethics and commitment to employees and suppliers.

  • Be a leading and innovative company in audio solutions for events in general. Be committed to the success of the event and the satisfaction of the organizers and participants.

  • To work with social responsibility and with respect to the principles, policies and procedures defined by the company, to work with honesty and professionalism in a positive organizational climate, to guarantee safe practices based on ethical values and principles and to have a transparent relationship with clients and employees, based on responsibility and trust between the parties.