Courses available

The Association of Guidance, Integration and Trade (APOIO), an institution that works in partnership with the City Hall, located in the Mauá neighborhood, was born with the purpose of creating new opportunities for growth and human development through projects and actions for the Community.

The Association of Guidance, Integration and Trade (APOIO), which has been in operation since 1992, began with the distribution of soups and food to the population, and expanded services to the population.

According to Mirian Moro, one of the founders of the institution, the main objective of the course is to motivate people, so that they seek occupations and qualify.

In addition, the institution works with the help of volunteers and counts on the partnership of the City Hall of Colombo and with the financial support of the company MGM and other companies of the city. There are also charitable actions, such as a bazaar of clothing and utensils with symbolic prices, and the population can help by donating clothes, books, appliances, among others.

For this are offered the professional courses of: Bakery and Confectionery, Computer Maintenance, Informatics, Hairdressing, Manicure, Cutting and Sewing. The handcrafts are: Adult Literacy, Crochet and Embroidery, Guitar, Jiu Jitsu, Arts in E.V.A and Decoupage in Madeira. The courses are divided between professionals and crafts and have the objective of offering opportunities that help improve the lives of the people served and that bring benefits to the daily life of each one of them. The partnership with the institution is highlighted by the Secretary of Social Action and Labor, Maria da Silva Souza.

The projects are also offered: Living, where children and adolescents do activities that deal with human values, discipline, socialization and stimulus of reasoning; Projeto Ler li li, which opens the library to the residents, for book loans and educational activities and the course for Pregnant Women, where future mothers receive guidance and can also make the baby’s outfit.

Courses available

Baking and Confectionery Cutting and sewing Computer maintenance Adult Literacy Informatics (children, adults and the elderly) Crochet and Embroidery Hair stylist Guitar Manicure and Pedicure Jiu Jitsu

Inscriptions and information

Association of Orientation, Integration and Crafts (SUPPORT)

- Address: Rua Nair Antunes da Silva, 41, Mauá

- Telephone: (41) 3562-1318